I think everyone would, honestly.

If (Sam) you like Johnny then what'd you think of Lola :0

(( omg don’t hate me if I say that I absolutely despise her. It’s not that I don’t like her because she’s with Johnny she just. UGH her behavior is so abusive and it reminds me of people from my past that I’d rather not remember.))

This is for the mun :3. First off, your drawings have gotten so cute! Also, what your first impression of Johnny? As for Johnny, what do you think of Sam?

(( omfg I’m so glad you think so~ and honestly I loved Johnny from the start because he was the cutest and for some reason I thought he was really funny, and I love the whole 50s greaser style so that gave me one more reason to like him haha.))

Annd as for Johnny :

My parents never introduced me to the rest of my family. And to answer your other question, I’m an only child.

So who was in charge before you became King of the Greasers?

Already answered that a while ago, take a look.

Yeah, pretty much everyone deserves a slap in the face with some good ol’ American cheese.

I’d rather you didn’t.

It was a while ago and it wasn’t really that memorable (I swear to god if you repeat that to Lola I will flip your lid).


(( I am literally shocked that this blog has 107 followers and I haven’t posted anything since September of 2013. Words cannot express how guilty I feel for abandoning this blog. You guys are the best followers for sticking around even through my inactivity. I’m going to work on a few things tonight!

The ask box is open!!!!!!! ))

Vance and Jimmy have been at each other basically since Jimmy arrived.